Truth About Abs Review - Does it Really Works in 2014?

Are you fed up of looking overweight, out-of-shape whenever you see yourself in the mirror? Whatever you try nothing seem to be working.

Guess what!! It does not need to be this way IF…

Truth about Abs has right solution for you. This is the only program that you need to build six packs that you always desire. Throw out all supplements, gadgets, machines that you bought previously because now you can get access to most proven and effective muscle building program.

Who is Mike Geary?


Truth ABout Abs Review
Truth about Abs is created by qualified nutritionist and personal trainer Mike Geary. If you don’t heard his name before you must be living in the rock.

Mike Geary is well-known personality when it comes to fitness and health. He trained many celebrities and appeared on numerous TV shows and newspapers.

Mike Geary does not claim for overnight results but as long as you committed with this program you will get results that you always desire.

How Truth About Abs Works?  


truth about absThe great benefit of this program is that you don’t need to relay on supplements, or expensive weight loss machines. At the start of this program you will get list of foods that you need to include in your diet plan and you also get workout plan which is based on short intense interval training. These foods and workout plan increases your metabolic rate and enables your body to start burning fat continuously throughout the day. In other words, your body will be transform into ‘24/7 Fat Burning Machine’.

In this program your body not only loses weight but your muscles also start growing. The diet plan and workout plan targets belly region of your body and help you to build six packs.

The Truth about Abs works on one condition and that is yours ‘COMMITMENT’. There is no success without work and there is no work without commitment. You have to remain commitment with the program till the end if you like to get positive results in the end. Leaving in the midway will always make you wonder ‘Why I am not losing weight?”, “Why I can’t build six packs?”

Who Will Get Benefit From This Program?


Truly, men and women who want to get six packs naturally without using supplements and ready to put his or her efforts is capable to get benefit from Mike Geary Program. Mike delivers this complete program into a PDF format which you can download at your PC or laptop and read it from your home or anyplace which is convenient for you.

The real secret about Mike’s program is that, although it looks like this program only targets on belly region instead it is complete body development program in which you build your six packs as well as your lower legs will start getting into the perfect shape.

Inside View on Truth about Abs:


In the starting pages of this program, Mike reveals the real secret for developing six packs. He also point out some of the most common myths found in our society about weight loss and six pack further, he also reveals some foods that boost metabolic rate.

In later chapters you will discover an effective diet plan and most proven workout plan that not only burn fat, build six packs but also stop calories from storing into body. Most men and women think calories are the real culprit for overweight but the fact is, calories is not the real culprit instead the real culprit for overweight and obesity is saturated fats. Mike also explain the real resource of saturated fats and explain alternative ways to replace saturated fat with healthy fats.

Regarding exercise plan Mike explains why short burst exercise is more effective than long sessions of exercise and our famous cardio.

Customer Reviews:


Here are some reviews posted by truth about abs program real customers...

Leith Carnie from Australia

"...I was running regularly and working out sometimes, but I was still getting fatter... Everything changed when I started your truth about abs program..."

truth about abs customer review

Stephanie Hurst from Tulia, Texas

"...I went from a size 14 to a 5. Weight wise I was around 190 lbs when I started and now I am 120 lbs... It’s been a total lifestyle change..."

stephanie truth about abs review

Alex Miller from the UK

"...When I started I was 190 lbs, waist 35 inches, bench was 165lbs. I'm now 175 lbs, with a waist of 33 inches, and benching 225lbs..."

alex - truth about abs review

Pros and Cons: 


Any truth about abs review is incomplete without pros and cons of the program. There are many men and women that achieve their dream body with the help of this program but it is no way mean Mike’s program does not have any cons. It is important to aware yourself from pros and cons of this program before taking your buying decision.


  1. Most proven and effective diet plan 
  2. Suitable for man and woman both  
  3. Short burst Interval Training 
  4. Best-selling weight loss and muscle building program since 2007 
  5. Comes with 60-days Money Back Guarantee


  • Lack of exercising videos (containing only pictures of exercise)
  • Need commitment and time 
  • Some foods are expensive in some region of world (alternative foods are available)

Is it Worth the Investment? 


If you compare Truth about Abs from any supplement, you will find it lot cheaper. Further, if you compare Truth about Abs reviews with any other supplement reviews; you will find Mike Geary’s program reviews are far more than any other supplement or fat loss system. With most proven weight loss program, unlimited reviews and 60-days money back guarantee we can say Mike Geary’s program worth every penny.

Final Verdict: 


If you are concern about your health and want to build six packs that you always desire then, get access to Truth about Abs. I am 100% sure this is the last program you ever invest in.

truth about abs review - order nowThe system is easy to follow, and will have a positive effect on your physical health and confidence. You will even be able to take advantage of free bonus reports and a DVD, as well as various other tools if you visit Mike’s website today.

This system is promoted as being the best around, but there are of course a few men and women who have tried it and left disappointed.

Why are they disappointed? Because they won’t put in the work. People like this will usually say that “these exercises or this diet seems too hard for me so I guess it won’t work.” Geary says it best “What kind of quitter attitude is that?!”

And I have to agree. So the people who don’t get results are typically the ones who either don’t read the book at all or just don’t implement its time tested strategies.

So that’s my review… what are you waiting for? Make today the start of a brand new life. You soon will be able to get rid of your gut and develop the lean abdominals that you have always wanted.

Your investment in this program is secure with full money back guarantee. This weight loss and muscle building program helped numerous men and women to get their desired body from all over the world and now it is your turn to burn all fat from your body and build six packs that you always want to have.

It Really Works : )